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Seattle Events Photographers for Business, Corporate and Non-Profit Functions

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What type of event are you needing coverage for? Regardless of the event type the Julian Michael Photography team will meet and exceed your needs! Contact us today via phone at (425) 530-8820 or fill out the form on the left column.

Type of Events Photography We Offer

  • Corporate & Business Gatherings, Annual Functions, Rallys, etc. (see example from Junior Achievement annual fundraiser further down)
  • Receptions, Cocktail Parties, Mixers and Afterhours Functions
  • Non-profit events such as Fundraisers, Annual Breakfasts & Lunches, Themed-Events, Galas
  • Golf tournaments (scroll down)
  • Speaking conventions & seminars (such as the Washington State high school DECA annual conference below)

Seattle/Bellevue Event Photography Rates

Rates start at $185/hr going up to $395/hr depending on your specific needs, staff requirements, location and the details of event – Contact Julian today for your custom quote 425-530-8820

seattle, events, photographers, bellevue, corporate, photography, deca

Prolango CEO Derek Johnson addressing 2,500 high school students at the Annual DECA Washington State Marketing Convention at Meydenbauer Center in Bellevue


About rates: Event photography rates are quoted either per hour or per event depending on engagement. Since every event is unique we aim to quote based upon knowing all the elements needed. On-site event photography hourly rates are

For events just outside our area such as Kent’s Showare Center, or Tacoma, Lynnwood or Everett we merely add a destination fee to cover our travel time, which is a lower rate than our on-site rate.

What to Expect

Each event is unique and every client’s wishes are unique. But our level of service, professionalism and product will be the same regardless…quality!

Expect our team to ‘show up at 110% capacity’! Expect a yes almost every time when asked, “Can you do ____”. Expect excellence in interaction and customer service.

Five Key Things About Event Photography to Remember

1) There’s ONE chance to get it right! Thus, we pay careful attention to knowing when/where to capture your important moments in time.

2) Proper planning equals success. This speaks for itself but makes the day and your event go off without a hitch for a flawless execution. With proper timelines and communication we’re sure to be half way there!

3) Communication is key. There’s always a couple little things that can be left to ‘observation’ or ‘assumption’, but we’d rather know the goods so we’re all squared on event day with no questions lingering.

seattle, events, photographers, bellevue, photography, corporate, business, redmond

Mortgage Office/Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting event

4) Authenticity is our goal. We’re looking to capture your event and your guests in the most authentic fashion. The goal is usually to make someone feel like they were actually present and to highlight the shining moments of your event similarly.

5) Fun, relaxed and timely. Most events are positive functions with mostly happy guests, a relaxed atmosphere and timely execution of photographing your individual moments. We like to have fun and it will show in the final portraits! Have a great day!