Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Sessions with Julian Michael Photography

Professional Headshots Sessions / Individuals

Cancellation Policy / Sessions can be rescheduled within 48 hours without any penalty. Within 48hrs a $50 cancellation fee will be applied or invoiced. Canceling the day-of a session will result in a $100 non-refundable fee. Cancellation on-site at session will result in full payment being applied or invoiced.

Unpaid invoices: Any unpaid invoices past 60 days will be submitted to a collection agency and may impact your credit. After 30 days a fee of 8% will be added per month of your total balance.

Headshots Sessions / Corporate or Businesses On-site

JMP will arrive on-site typically 30 to 45-minutes prior to session for setup. Clients are expected to be running on-time for their scheduled appointment. If client is running more than 20min behind, JMP will invoice an additional $45 for session (half hour). Headshots completed in JMP studios will incur similar fee if client is more than 15min late.

Invoices are typically due upon receipt or Net 15. It is expected that clients will fulfill invoices within 30-40 days at very most (sometimes needing to submit invoices to ‘corporate’ or accounting, then waiting for payment processing that may sometimes take place on a set date of month).

Family and Senior Portrait Sessions

Cancellation and rescheduling policy / Rescheduling without consent of JMP within 48hrs will result in a $50 fee. Canceling the day-of a session will result in a $100 non-refundable fee. Window of 15min is acceptable for family portrait appointments as typically there is location, traffic and/or multiple family members to factor in.