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Seattle Events Photography for Corporate Events and Galas, Non-Profit Events and Golf Tournaments

You’ve got a big event coming up! Or perhaps a more casual gathering? Or maybe a non-profit or corporate fundraiser or gala! We’re your team of choice!

Hire the Best in Seattle Events Photography!

Common questions we ask:

  • What type of event do you have?
  • How many guests are you expecting?
  • Where is your venue and what type of venue is it?
  • Special requests?
  • Will you have special awards/presentations that need to be photographed?
  • Step-and-repeat? What will the background be?
  • On-site printing?

And the list goes on. We’re ready and highly experienced in corporate events photography for Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond and Tacoma so don’t hesitate to ask any and all your questions to us when you call.

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What to Expect from the JMP team

From your initial point of contact through each stage of your event planning and into execution you can expect a positive experience you’ll be happy to share! We aim for excellence in customer service for Seattle Events Photography and really focus on making our clients aware of each element involved for a flawless execution.

Some bulletpoints you’ll enjoy

  • We’re extremely efficient
  • Being early is a must!
  • Planning is where we shine
  • We aim to extend a positive experience every time
  • We staff some of the best in Seattle events photographers
  • Teamwork is our middle name!

What makes an event memorable is proper planning and efficiency, as an experienced corporate or non-profit event planner will tell you. Having had over a decade of experience working with events as a planner, promoter and in marketing these events, Julian Michael understands your needs from the top-down and likewise. Give us a chance today to bid on your next event! Have a terrific day and GO SEAHAWKS!!